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        Home > News > HCH News > Warmly Congratulate Jiahua Corporation and HCH Successfully Held the Purchase Agreement Signing Cere

        Warmly Congratulate Jiahua Corporation and HCH Successfully Held the Purchase Agreement Signing Cere

        At 11:00 a.m. May 13, 2023, the signing ceremony for the purchase agreement of production equipment for Full Width Waistband Baby Diaper NK-800 and Baby Pull-Up Pants BT-800 between Quanzhou Jiahua Hygiene Products Co.,LTD and Anqing Hengchang Machinery Co., LTD was held in Zhongshan Hall of Nanjing Jinling Hotel. Mr. You Huashan, General Manager of Jiahua Corporation, and Mr. Lv Ziheng, General Manager of HCH, delivered speeches on behalf of both companies at the ceremony and signed the agreement.

        (General Manager Lv Ziheng Deliver a Speech)

        At the signing ceremony, both parties made speeches on utilizing their respective advantages and deepening cooperation in broader fields. General Manager Lv Ziheng said in his speech, "The fully-servo control baby diaper equipment project is the first large-scale investment project of Fujian Jiahua Corporation after three years of epidemic. After a long time of on-site inspection and many rounds of negotiation, Jiahua Corporation finally chose us, HCH as the supplier of the equipment and made a formal signing ceremony today, which marks a substantial and crucial step in the cooperation between HCH and Jiahua Corporation, and it is also the first cooperation between our two companies, which is of great significance and encouraging."

        (General Manager You Huashan Deliver a Speech)

        General Manager You Huashan said at the ceremony, "HCH is one of the most professional manufacturers of disposable hygiene products production equipment in China and even in the world, possessing excellent technical strength and outstanding product quality, which has won market recognition and a good reputation in the industry. The desire for further cooperation between the two parties has propelled the partnership between Jiahua and HCH to a new level. We believe that through the introduction of new equipment, we will be able to further improve production efficiency, optimize product quality and bring consumers a more superior product experience. The equipment provide by HCH is undoubtedly industry-leading, and it will provide us with efficient and reliable production solutions that will further consolidate and strengthen the market roots of Jiahua Corporation"


        (Both sides shook hands and the signing ceremony was successfully completed)

        (Group photo of both parties)

        As the representative of disposable hygiene products production equipment manufacturer in Chinas local industry, HCH has been adhering to the development path of independent innovation for many years. Relying on its excellent strength, HCH adheres to the concepts of "leading technology, quality first, and integrity based", relying on the advanced intelligent manufacturing system, making full use of our strengths and synergistic effects of the internationally renowned suppliers, and developing with the partners around the globe, we are committed to creating HCH equipment with optimal cost-effective "Made in China".

        The signing of the contract is just the starting point of cooperation, and the future is more worthy of our expectation. HCH will always adhere to the principle of "equality, mutual benefit and win-win", fulfill the cooperation agreement seriously, and provide the best service and support for the whole project. We will also strengthen the on-going dialog with our partners to jointly promote the development trend of the industry and meet the challenges in the future.

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